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Fundamentals of Broiler Processing

A one-day course covering the fundamentals of processing, aimed at managers and assistant level wanting to further understand the processing supply chain and the potential points of economic loss and increased return.  

Key Learning

Day 1

  • A tour through the processing plant – A virtual tour around the processing plant to understand the flow and concepts

  • Lairage through primary processing explained

  • Primary through Secondary Processing and storage

  • Downgrades and Condemnations - Causes and Actions

  • Further processing

  • Economics of processing – Understanding the pit falls and gains of the processing plant

Program Schedule

Program Dates : June 16
Cost : USD $250 *

Application Deadline: June 5

* Cost includes meals and coffee breaks during training, excludes VAT, flight tickets, and hotel 

Meet the course trainers


Michael Longley

Managing Consultant, Food Chain Enterprises


Jim Johnston

Director, Food Chain Enterprises

Keat Fu_edited.jpg

Dr. Keat Fu

Senior Poultry Veterinary Technical Specialist, Aviagen Inc.

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