Swine Production and Management

comprehensive understanding of all major disciplines involved in pig production. The program reviews nutrition concepts such as ingredient composition, digestive physiology, feed formulation and milling, applied animal feeding and management, carcass and meat quality, production logistics and feed budgets are discussed in detail. The health and disease part of the program, reviews and examines methods for disease diagnosis and prevention, as well looks at various strategies for reducing their impact in swine production.

What You will Learn

Advance Pig Management and Production

Pig Feeding, Nutrition and Health Management

Breeding, Reproduction and Performance

Diseases & Preventions

Strategic Feeding and Modern Technology

Key Learning

Day 1

Modern Standards, Genetic Potential and Health & Disease Prevention

  • Global Layer Performance

  • The Modern Layer Bird - Critical Factors

  • Genetic Selection of High Performing Layer Strains

  • Viral, Bacterial, Fungal and Parasitic Health Challenges

  • Health and Disease Prevention, Control and Treatment

  • Vaccination, Procedures to achieve Optimum Immunity

Day 2

Nutrition, Farm Management & Egg and Eggshell Quality

  • Real Time Nutrition: Formulating for performance and market situation

  • Formulating for Gut Health

  • Alternative Raw Material Quality; Minerals, grains, meals

  • Tool for Optimizing the Nutritional Value of Alternative Raw Material

  • Farm Management and Husbandry

  • Egg and Eggshell Quality, Physiology and Abnormalities

  • Eggshell Laboratory workshop

Day 3

Production in Tropical Conditions, Farm Biosecurity & Health

  • Pullet Rearing in Tropical Conditions

  • Performance Targets and Egg Production in Tropical Conditions

  • Farm Management; Lighting and Ventilation programs

  • Biosecurity, Hygiene and Cleaning programs

  • Producing Eggs without the use of Antibiotics

  • Post Mortem Technique, Sample Collection and Preservation

Program Schedule

Program Dates : To be advice
Cost : USD $2,000 *

Application Deadline: To be advice

* Cost includes meals and coffee breaks during training, excludes flight tickets, and hotel 


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